16 September 2009

The Layout

...To keep things simple for readers I am going to attempt to follow the same layout every post. As follows;

1. This section will introduce the chapters title, time frame, and introductory notes. It may even include some historical background of interest. As evident by the color, this section will be BLUE.

2. Very important! This part is devoted entirely to defining terms that may, or may not, come up. Enjoy! (Color Key, RED)

3. The BLACK and white of things. Section three will contain actual facts, quotes, and key points in the chapter.

4. Here I will preach at you, or root for you, which ever you prefer, trying to hone in on the moral dilemmas, valuable lessons to be gleaned, and touch on the Puritans examples; whether good or ill. I'm running out of colors, so PURPLE will alert you when its time to rebury the old man - he has a way of popping up and making us look proud doesn't he?

5. The funnies and interesting little tidbits aside from the big picture. Here you can laugh, or debate, all you want. If you prefer the original spelling of burden, burthen, and resent the change, you can quibble about it here. (Along with Honour instead of Honor, Powre instead of Pour, and so on...) Also included will be the inevitable rabbit trails such as, but not limited to, Bradford's opinions on rulers and governments. (Color key, ORANGE. A good protestant color.)

6. And finally we come to section six. It can be summed up in two very succinct words; SNEAK PEAK. Color key? Do we really need one? This section will be ITALICIZED.

...The numbers will also be included for even better reference. Can you tell I'm worried my readers might drown in the pool of verbalization? or get lost in the trees of redundant repetition? Beware!

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