16 September 2009

...Yesterday I started reading William Bradford's history of Plymouth Plantation. During study time I had a great idea, why not make an online series of notes on the diary?

..."Of Plymouth Plantation" is a rare firsthand account of the struggles and victories one little band of faithful pilgrims endured in the arduous journey from persecution to freedom. It is full of insights into our roots, sacrifices every faithful christian should stand for, and miraculous escapes from the very maws of death. William Bradford began penning the diary after the Mayflower landed on Massachusetts shore and continued to write after the fact, covering time from 1620 - 1647 A.D. Anyone wanting to understand this godly man and the puritans of New England should not skip this book! (Despite its often archaic prose, spelling, and impressive size!)

...Included will be juicy little tidbits like the following;

...Bradford's opinions concerning "gracious Queen Elizabeth", to use his own words.

...The state of England's reformation at the time, compared to Scotland, Geneva, France, and the Netherlands.

...Good old Puritan common sense!

...Be checking for more in the next couple days!

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