01 July 2008

Hinduism's Hold

...Why is it that while so many pagan religions have died out, Hinduism has retained such a firm hold in today's society? If we remember that all mankind have souls as well as bodies, it becomes easier to understand. Although man is fallen we were still created in the image of God. Mankind is searching for truth although ironically it rejects "the Truth", that all are fallen and need a Savior, Jesus Christ. The main Hindu gods are three beings who represent the spirit of the universe, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Although each is is its own entity in a sense, they are also the same thing, or one. This sounds familiar to the Christian mind, since we worship one God who is Three in One. One of many differences between Christianity and Hinduism is that Hindu's believe they can gain salvation on their own, without a savior.Of course this appeals to mans desire to be wise, powerful and like God!Here is a religion which incorporates some convoluted forms of truth, while appealing to mans sinful nature of wanting to be God. Perhaps this is why Hinduism has lasted so long in our society and with such firm roots while other ancient religions have slowly disappeared.

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