29 October 2008

Historical Scrapbooking Part 2!!!

... If you have not read my previous post on this subject, go to the label Historical Scrapbooks on the side and be sure to check them out! I left off with the Patriarchs, so today we will start with Egypt.

...Egypt was one of my favorite sections to do, there are just so many ways to be creative with displaying the Egyptian civilization! I had fun drawing and coloring pictures of Egyptians and hieroglyphs to paste around the pages. At the bottom of the first page is a small pyramid shaped (of course!) book which tells the Egyptian myth of creation.

...Here and there I have copied bible verses about Egypt directly onto the page. The map has a tab, embellished with an Egyptian looking fan display, which holds the clear overlay sheet down. You can see on most of my pages time line figures from the "Homeschool in the Woods" website.

...I have found that a black fine tipped Sharpie pen, works best for writing on the overlay sheets.

... Since we studied Egypt for three weeks I had a lot of material to display. So I ended up needing six pages in the Egyptian section! Above are the next two. Aside from charts, drawings and timeline figures, I put a small open out book about the Egyptian afterlife and a piece of papyrus. You can see the book opened below.

...On the last two pages, here I needed to put a large mailing envelope to hold papers which would not fit on the pages. Cutting the top off made it an easy slide in, slide out, and I decorated the front with more stuff!

... On the last page I have yet another book, held shut by a little decorative sticker.(I like using the thick stationary type stickers for sealing envelopes) And on front of the book I pasted a little piece of Egyptian artwork I did. Also more National Geographic cuttings add interest.

...Below is the Egyptian artwork, I had a lot of fun making this. It is made from strips of antique, papyrus looking paper soaked in a flour/water paste and then pieced back together. After it dried the edges still had a nice ragged look to them. Then I carefully drew a small scene of Egyptian life by looking at one of their actual tomb paintings. When I was satisfied with the drawing I painted it with Acrylics using a tiny paintbrush and yes, even tooth picks! The hieroglyphs at the top were done with a black felt tipped Sharpie pen. At the time I was crazy about Egyptian hieroglyphs and knew how to write small messages. So the writing does actually say something, I just don't remember exactly what now. I think it was something about attending a feast?

...Anyways, next is Moses and the Children of Israel. For this section I also took six pages.

...Here is the big picture of the front two pages. I always print up a title and paste it on the upper left hand corner of the first page.

...Below is a detail of some "extras" I put in. Normally I would not advise trying to put anything too bulky on a scrapbook page. But I really wanted to show some examples of the riches the Israelites carried away with them on exciting Egypt. So I put in some scraps of "fine" fabric and a plastic jewel. :) Above it is the passage about Israel plundering the Egyptians.

Here is the second section for Moses. I pasted in a pen and ink drawing of Moses on the mountain.

Here is a close up on the details...

There is one more two page spread for Moses and the Exodus, see below. Next update will be India!

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